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13 Tips to Boost Your Confidence


13 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

When you practice and emulate these behaviors, you will feel more confident and exhibit a confident persona.

Accept yourself, as you are. .. ‘warts n all.’ Unconditional acceptance will enhance your outward veneer.

Assume the feeling of what you want to attain in your life. Tell yourself “I feel confident, accomplished, well, etc.

Act confident; perception is reality. 

Surround yourself with positive people; let them reinforce your self esteem.

Shake hands with others and “be a man/woman well-met.”

Smile! Smiling is a confident behavior and is infectious! 

Make regular eye-contact with others.

Use others’ (properly pronounced) name upon meeting, speaking and farewell. 

Stand tall and hold your head high; good posture helps project a positive image.

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Control your movements i.e. attention to fidgeting, leaning, weaving. 

Dress. When you dress well, you feel better and project strength.

Speak clearly, succinctly; articulate.

Initiate! … Be the initiator with respect to eye-contact, handshakes, conversation, introductions.

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