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5 Tips to Sound Like a Pro When Podcasting


5 Tips to Sound Like a Pro When Podcasting

Podcasting is fun, a great use of your time, and allows people to connect with you in a way writing cannot.

We are knee deep in launching this new content multiplier service, that is podcast based, and I have to say I have a few things I want my guests to know.  

  1. Don’t eat peanut butter right before a podcast. Why you might ask? No, I cannot smell your nutty breath over the airwaves, but people can hear your lip smacking and dry mouth. You have to drink a significant amount of water to counteract the difference in your voice after you eat peanut butter, and then you will have to take a break to use the restroom during the recording. It is just not a good idea. Slippery slope that darn peanut butter.
  2. Don’t breathe into the mic. Many of you sound like you have asthma when recording. It is like you hold your breath the whole time until you have to talk. Then you gasp for air and then answer the question.  Breathe the whole time please, no one needs to pass out. That thump when you hit the floor is hard to edit out and does not lend to great continuity when you are out cold on the floor. When you do breath, and breath often, turn your face away from the mic, take a normal breath and talk.
  3. Throw your cell phone in water, in another room, preferably in another state. For some reason, people think a phone set on vibrate is enough, but then they have it sitting on the desk right next to their mic.  Turn your phone off please, if you are not willing to throw it in a stream two states over. I understand you are important, but for the 45 min we are recording, no one needs you.  
  4. Know when your lawn service is mowing/blowing leaves. Are you on the ground floor of your office building?  Lawn care workers don’t care if you have a job because they do too! It is impossible (well very, very costly) to edit out leaf blowers and lawn mowers from your podcast.  If you are about to record and they show up, please just reschedule.  The host and your audience will thank you.
  5. Please don’t read anything.  One of the reasons podcasting is so powerful is people get to hear who you are. When you read from a script, you sound like a robot and no one will get to feel who you are.  Have you ever been in a presentation at work or at a conference and the person just reads from the slides? Maddening! It is even worse on a podcast because they cannot see you are reading and just think you are a no personality, dull, robot (and not a cool one like in iRobot).  

Podcasting is one of the best mediums for you to spread your online influence if it is done well. Follow these five simple tips and you will sound like a pro!  

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