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5 Ways to Earn a Big Promotion in 2019


Seeking a promotion at work isn’t always easy. Managers are often swamped with work, and getting the attention of superiors in a position to promote capable employees can sometimes seem impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to earn a promotion through honesty and hard work, although a bit of face time with colleagues and managers may be in order. Here are just five ways to get a new promotion in 2019, and why new work habits can go a long way.

Learn New Skills

After we’ve been hired for a job, we often forget that honing new skill sets can be a stellar way to improve our abilities for our current work roles and prepare us for greater challenges ahead. In fact, developing new skills can be a means towards showing work supervisors that we can take on greater responsibility, and that we have the means to succeed in a more advanced role within our company. Attending sales conferences or learning more about how health and wellness digital marketing can be incorporated into a company’s digital ad campaign can often show hiring managers that we’re building skills that will serve us well in a new position: Remember, learning shouldn’t stagnate simply because we’ve gotten the job with the skills we already have; in fact, lifelong learning should be a celebrated part of anyone’s career toolbox!

Finding Facetime

While it may feel difficult to show up to the office early on cold winter mornings, the truth is that putting in a bit of extra face time with colleagues can be a great way to show your company’s management that you’re dedicated to your job and ready to take the next step in your career. If leaving the house fifteen minutes early isn’t your cup of tea, try rewarding yourself with a stop at your favorite coffee shop for putting in the extra effort and sacrificing a bit more time at home.

Why Networking Matters

For people unaccustomed to networking due to shyness or social anxiety, the process can often feel prohibitively difficult. After all, who wants to flatter those around them in order to advance their position at work? The good news is that the type of networking that would require you to flatter colleagues is not the type of networking that you want to be doing in the first place. Indeed, if networking feels fake or insincere, you’re probably doing it wrong. Networking is just another term for building genuine relationships; far from requiring flattery, a workplace phony will likely be spotted from a mile away by any colleague worth their salt. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and be kind and genuine to those around you and let relationships form naturally, and you’ll be seen (rightly) as someone who is easy to work with and worthy of promotion when big jobs come your way.

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Reliability: The Key to Advancement

While networking is very important to career advancement, it is nothing if we don’t follow through on our commitments. When we can be counted on to get the job done, our actions will speak far louder than our words when it comes time to be considered for a promotion. Everyone makes mistakes at times, but when we make an effort to be the person that never flakes out on an important task, we’ll earn a reputation as someone who is reliable. And that is one of the best qualities we can have when we’re seeking promotion!

Speaking to Managers Directly

While there isn’t anything innately wrong with being self-effacing or modest, sometimes we have to acknowledge that managers aren’t mind-readers and that they simply may not realize that we’re interested in a promotion. With a bit of tact and confidence, a discussion with a work superior about the possibility of promotion can go a long way. It may be anxiety-inducing to broach the subject of promotion with a manager at first, but remind yourself of how you’re uniquely qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of the new position you’re interested in. Remind yourself that you’re worth it!

For these reasons, finding a promotion at work doesn’t have to be difficult, although it may require a change in problem-solving and socializing skills for people who don’t like to toot their own horn. If you’re looking to make career headway in the new year, remember that being authentic, putting in face time with coworkers and superiors, and learning new skills can all contribute to the development of a new chapter in your career. And that is career-building done right!

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