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7 Key Social Media Tips for Advisors

Today’s question: “Can you give me a few social media tips?”

Social media is a key element to your success. Here are 7 key social media tips.

1. Stop Ignoring It

If you do not have a social media presence, you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business. There are over two hundred million people using social media and one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook is women over 65. This is a perfect format to connect with your ideal prospects and clients.

2. Create a Presence on Social Media Sites

The most important social media sites for advisors include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Your business plan should include a social networking strategy.

3. Understand the Goal

The goal of social media is to connect with others and ultimately get them to your site, so you can get their information and stay connected to them. By getting them to your site, you reduce the distractions caused by social media. This allows you to get your message across while creating a deeper relationship with them. To get them on your site, offer an incentive for them to opt-in to your email list. Incentives may include a free white paper or special report.

4. Understand the Other Goal

The goal is not to sell. If you need to, paste this tip where you see it at all times. It is that important.

5. Create your Plan

It is critical to create a social media strategy. Your strategy doesn’t need to be elaborate as much as it needs to be consistent and integrated into your overall plan. Your plan needs to include the exact actions you should take each day. Don’t get distracted by the funny pictures or articles that come through your feed. Related: Rethinking Retention: The Science Behind Staying

6. Understand the Give and Take

This is one of the most important social media tips. While we all want to share insight about us, social media is (as is all effective marketing) about providing insight that benefits your ideal prospect or client. This includes third party articles and information that will provide value to your audience.

7. Understanding Your Results

While successful advisors focus on measurable results, the key to an effective social media strategy is to consistently connect, share, and grow your online reputation. Your direct contact (and/or website) needs to be on the first page of the various search engines when someone searches your name. You do not want to have people find you through a 3rd party directory or website where you have little or no control of the information contained on it.Before you get back to your day, take a few minutes and add these 7 simple social media tips to your plan, so you can tap into one of the biggest opportunities available to you.

Originally published on PMA360.com