Advisors: How To Create Your Mission Statement in 7 Steps

Today, we dive into how to create a mission statement.

Top producers who have a great business and life, take the time to create a mission & vision statement.As we previously discussed, the first step on how to create a mission statement is to decide what you want. The next step consists of creating a clear vision.In his book “Principle Centered Leadership,” Steven Covey shares valuable insight on how to create your mission statement. Specifically, he shared that your mission statement should include “… four basic human needs: economic or money, social or relationship, psychological or growth, and spiritual or contribution.”When your mission and vision statement is based on universal principles it remains stable with the changes of outside circumstances. A principle based statement should include: values of your firm, the niche market you serve, products and services you offer, how you offer your product or service and how you give back. Let’s dive into the 7 steps on how to create a mission statement.

Step 1: Identify the core values of your business

Roy Disney said it so well, “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” This is why clarifying your values in your small business, consultant or financial services marketing plan is so powerful.

Get clarity on the values that govern your consulting or financial services firm and life.

From the list below, identify & circle your top four values:FunRelationshipsHonestyLearningConnectionVolunteer WorkEducationFitnessBalanceSpiritual ConnectionAdviceCreatingServingTeachingCompassionFinancial Security

Step 2: Identify the niche market you serve

Be as specific as possible in identifying your ideal niche market, for example non-traditional affluent women is a better niche market description than women. Anesthesiologists is better than doctors.

Step 3: What do you aspire to achieve?

For example you may want to provide a financial literacy legacy for non-traditional affluent women. Or assist anesthesiologists in creating financial freedom so they can retire in the lifestyle for which they have become accustom.

Step 4: What roles do you provide to your niche market?

The next step on how to create your mission steps requires that you get clear on what services you provide to your ideal client. Examples may include life planning, life coaching, business coaching, small business consulting, budgeting support, risk assessments, risk management, tax planning, insurance analysis, financial analysis and financial planning, investment planning and/or estate planning.Other services may include bookkeeper or concierge services, animal care, cosmetic, medical or dental referrals, travel agencies, and anything else your affluent clients desire.

Step 5: Write a draft mission statement for your practice.

Step 6: Confirm that your draft statement compliments your purpose and “why.”

Step 7: Write a final mission statement for your financial services firm.

For example: provides solutions to transform your business and life. Our goal is to improve the lives of all of our stakeholders by elevating their business & life. We offer this through a products, services and a performance mastermind community. These programs provide step-by-step processes that entail knowledge, growth, leverage and partnership group masterminds.An example of a small business, consultant or financial advisor mission statement would be – ABC Financial Services Firm provides traditional women facing a life transition objective comprehensive life, financial, estate and investment planning services. Our goal is to provide a combination of live and web based programs that increase financial literacy and also provide social connection.