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Can You Balance Business on the Dirty Road Between I Can and I Will?


Can You Balance Business on the Dirty Road Between I Can and I Will?

We’ve all heard it before, “believe it and speak it” or “words give things power.” My personal favorite touted by my personal development peers, pastors and gurus, “Speak life in to what you want and be grateful for it now, in advance.” Then there’s the notion of, “You will attract what you want if you truly want it.” Is that right?

Well, yes. I live by these affirmations that are enforced by the laws of the universe as well. Though, it’s not quite as simple as that now is it… Education, aptitude, experience and faith have shown me a few hidden truths through these past few years.

One truism is certain, there’s a long and twisted dirty road that fills the space between your acknowledgement and belief that you can do something and the achievement of getting said thing, done.  Our minds are tormented with distractions, doubts, mini- aha moments and as one friend likes to say- the hopeium that sprouts on the edge of opportunity that’s only a few steps away.

We venture on this road because we know we can do great things in this world, through business, as leaders and as people who are determined to impact change. We skip out the door excited, hearts racing and determination fueling our steps. Until, we notice the air seemed to get dry and thick a few miles back.

For some reason, there is radio silence in the air and there is a tension building. We realize that although we are strong, courageous and unwavering we are also becoming increasingly tired of being on the road alone.

On this road, in this often suffocating air, between gasp and deep breaths to calm us during the shallow times, our mind wanders into pitfalls of comparison. It may not be between ourselves and our peers; in fact, it’s most likely between our current self and who we want to be at the other end of the road.

 For some, its temporary motivation, for others it’s immediately draining. You begin to wonder if you have enough fuel in your tank to get you to that other side of yourself. Your pace has changed and your gait is awkward. Somewhat embarrassed by this outward reflection of confusion in your mind, you are aware it’s simply a side-effect of breathing in this dirt road air too long.

With every step, you are trying to balance your can, with your doing and your will do while not faltering. In the background you can hear a few faint cheers muffled by the stifling sound of snarky comments of preferred defeat. Is it in your mind, or is it real? How will you keep moving under the pressure of time and continuously draining energy between right now and one day soon?


1. Hydrate.

Before you go into the sun, kicking open that door of I can to venture out into your journey, make sure you prepare for what’s coming. This doesn’t mean you should fill your head with a ton of negative thoughts or possible failure points. The same way you should not over drink your H20 before a run, do not over think. However, you do want to drink up in anticipation of what you might do to yourself to prepare a plan of offense. For instance:

  • Prepare to cancel the negative talk that will come when you get fatigued with a power statement like, “Today I will win.”
  • Recognize that you may want to stop and pivot toward something less valuable but easier. When those moments come, envision yourself at the finish line of I will that becomes, I have.
  • Understand that everyone who comes along with something in their hand won’t have good intentions. Many are only interested in borrowing from your energy/resources/network to gain momentum in their own lane. As an advisor recently told me, make sure they earn it first!


2. Focus.

Sounds like another one of those easier said than done statements, however it’s key. What you focus on you will find. So keep your eye literally glued to the prize of completion. Yes, shiny objects will bounce in your view, but remember that on this long twisty dirt road they are most likely specs of dust mixed with the glare of illuminated delusion that you secretly hope will convince you to change your course. It’s all from fatigue, doubt and wonderment of whether you will obtain your desired outcome.

  • When shiny objects come, and they will- ask yourself two questions.
  • Will this help me become the will that I want?
  • Am I looking for a way out of where I am because I no longer believe that I can handle my process?
  • If you answer those questions honestly, 98% of those shiny objects will flicker away. The 2% that linger may be actual cause of a pivot. However you’ll feel an unexplainable peace inside you if those moments occur.

3. WHY Balance.

The balance of what you were already juggling before this new door opened is often what people worry will throw their focus off the most. You have family, task, projects, responsibilities, current client or consumer initiatives and prospective opportunities on the rise.

Here’s the key:

  • You must have a strong WHY that drives you past doubt, concern and over-apologetic defaults to explain to everyone in your life how you can keep the pace you have in your life and business.
  • The WHY must be bigger than you but include a value that will benefit the world.
  • Your WHY can include a bit of selfish! As much as your why should benefit the world, you should enjoy the perks of your why as well. Will your why allow you to have financial freedom, time with your family, room for intimacy in your relationship, energy?
  • Having a strong, big, selfish WHY adds balance to your life and business, especially on the dirty road between I can and I will.

So what’s your WHY that will balance you on your journey today?

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