Custom Content: It's Not as Hard to Create as You Think

I have worked with advisors for many years. When I started, everyone did seminars and grew their practice by asking for referrals. My how times have changed, but advisors have not changed with the times.

Over the last five years, marketing has changed, asking for referrals is fine, but will not allow you to grow in a sustainable manner targeting exactly who you want to target. There is only one way to do that in today’s world, content marketing.Today, you have to communicate to your ideal prospect 7-10 times before they even consider taking action! How can you produce enough content to make it so people will listen? Even if you create the content how can you ensure your ideal clients will see the message?It is really frustrating I know. It is even more frustrating if you try to write content yourself, because well even if you think you are a great writer, is it really the best use of your time? If you use canned material, it becomes noise in your target marketplace, and does not tell them what makes you unique.So what is the solution? Hire a social media marketer, hire a professional writer, train them both and wait 6-9 months for real results.Or….You can outsource it to us.##TRENDING##It all starts with an interview. You are good at talking right? You are good at verbally communicating what makes you unique and special right? Then, we plug it into our content multiplier system.*Write a high-quality, keyword-rich article*Syndicate your audio interview to iTunes and other podcast services*Post your audio interview and full article to a podcast blog we've custom built for you*Create and post a YouTube video version of your interview*Optimize the YouTube video, including your channel and playlists (so you're easily found on YouTube where viewers are searching for educational content)*Pull out 15-20 of the best quotes from your interview and create unique social media posts out of each quote*Turn each of those quotes into a Quote Graphic for social media*Pull out 5 of the best short clips of your interview and create 5 Audio and Video Highlight Clips for each episode*Run a social media promotional campaign for each episode, where we hit all the major sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter with multiple posts driving people to take some sort of action, whether it’s to download your white paper, book a call with you, or subscribe to your show.*A key part of our social media campaign is directly uploading each Highlight Clip to Facebook where people can watch it without leaving Facebook. That’s super important for giving your social network an easy way to share your show and grow your audience.*Feverishly share all the forms of content we've created to all your social networks, usually 5-10 unique forms of content per day, for a total of 100+ content updates per monthTo find out more, please watch the video above and visit us at