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Entrepreneurs: Don't Apologize For Being Selfish!

If you’re like many entrepreneurs - especially women, including myself - you’ve got a lot of balls to juggle in the air. From balancing between your family life, ministry, and taking care of the kids to managing your business, social media , and marketing , being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We often get so wrapped up in taking care of everything and everyone else that we tend to forget about ourselves, our needs, our wants, and our desires. Some people may even view it as selfish when we put our wants and needs ahead of others. That’s why I decided to call this month Selfish September. This month on the Balance Boldly podcast, we’re talking all about you . What you consider to be “selfish” and how you take care of yourself throughout your busy day. On today’s episode, I’m going to share some of the things that I’m personally doing in my life to recalibrate and be selfish so I can juggle all the balls in the air as well as explain why it’s important for you to take some time to be unapologetically selfish in your day-to-day life.

“Nobody can take care of you the way you would take care of someone else.” - Naketa Thigpen

This Week on Balance Boldly:

  • Why I’m changing my “power up” and “power down” routines
  • My new health routines and how they are impacting my life
  • Finding a “tribe” to share your challenges and successes
  • Getting out of your head to find inspiration and motivation
  • Getting your mind in a place and space to think about why you matter most
  • Eliminating issues and apologize for taking time out for yourself
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    Key Takeaways:

  • You matter most when it comes to things that matter the most in your world.
  • Stop apologizing and start living.
  • A Little Gentle Honesty:Give yourself #PermissionToPause by being unapologetic in taking care of yourself. Allow yourself to be selfish and protective around your “me” time.This is more than just a regular podcast, Balance Boldly is a campaign to #shaketheshame and every week we are pulling back the curtain on the topics that matter to all of us.