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How Big Picture Thinkers Seize More Opportunities in 7 Steps


How Big Picture Thinkers Seize More Opportunities in 7 Steps

What kind of opportunities do big picture thinkers have? Infinite.

They see possibilities and are always looking to learn something new, grow and adapt.

Big picture thinkers are not unicorns – rare and mystical. And they were not born with the innate ability to think big. They do, however, pay attention to the broader landscape and take the time to think, analyze and evaluate.

Big picture thinkers start by analyzing their industry and how their business fits into the larger market. Next they thoughtfully consider the purpose of their organization. If their company is not clear on its purpose, they interview and ask questions until it becomes crystal clear. Now they can understand how their role fits into moving the organization forward.

Micro thinkers focus first on themselves and second on their job description. They consider the work required within the four corners of the page and nothing more. They limit themselves and in doing so miss out on opportunities.

Notice that we didn’t mention that big picture thinkers focus on their personal agenda. They know that if they work toward the organization’s broader mission, their personal goals will be achieved in the process.

Here are 7 things big picture thinkers do EVERY DAY. They:

  • Take responsibility to learn, grow and change on their own.
  • Are optimistic and imagine possibilities.
  • Assess, reassess and consider options – researching and analyzing from many different angles.
  • Look past silos and think through solutions.
  • Understand how their goals align with the organization’s objectives.
  • Actively listen, not just to what is said, but what is not said.
  • Trust their gut and listen to their intuition.

Big picture thinkers take the time to connect the dots. They gain insight and perspective that others do not which creates more opportunities to engage, contribute and grow

Big picture thinkers see possibilities and in doing so they are asked to participate in areas that are not within the four corners of their job descriptions.

If you want to take a crack at big picture thinking we recommend you START with the following:

  • Read industry publications and pay attention to what your competitors are doing.
  • Read your company’s annual report.
  • Seek to understand your organization’s goals and mission.  
  • Ask your manager to help you understand how your team’s goals fit into the organization’s goals.
  • Ask questions about how and why things work the way they do.

Once you gain a bigger perspective, THINK.

Do you see new opportunities that have not been explored?

Can you communicate your ideas effectively to other people in your organization?

Do you have a new awareness about how to break through obstacles?  

Once you become a big picture thinker there is no turning back. Share your perspective and insights with others and roll up your sleeves – opportunities are going to come your way!

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