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How Exercise Gives You a Competitive Advantage


How Exercise Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Successful leaders do this one thing every day as part of their routine. They exercise. It takes many forms from running, yoga classes and walking, but they all prioritize exercise.

The successful C suite leaders that we have worked with all have a disciplined exercise routine. And mind you we said “successful leaders” – we have also worked with some folks who could barely make it up a flight of stairs. They also happened to be the most unethical and ineffective executives we have ever met.

The truth is regular exercise can help your career. Here are four reminders why working out sets you up for success!

Exercise boosts your energy: And let’s face it, who wouldn’t love a little boost of extra energy. As we run kids to camps, go to work, and make our way through life’s daily tasks, a little more energy can push you through. Extra energy at work increases your capacity to take on new and challenging roles – moving you forward.

Exercise is a mood elevator: We all know exercise gives us a rush and we feel better for it. Health experts agree that exercise is a powerful mood booster. When we engage in exercise our bodies release endorphins or chemicals that boost our mood. It’s the natural way to feel good. And when you’re feeling good, you’re more engaging at work, more thoughtful and happier. If we all had a choice to work with a successful happy leader or someone who barks all day… the choice is clear.

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Who doesn’t need a reminder about goals: Working out can be a challenge with work, kids and life in general all competing for your time. And if you’re just starting out, that is especially challenging. The good news is as you make a plan to exercise you’re actually setting goals. And setting goals is a critical component of growth and career development.

Exercise promotes better sleep: We all make better decision when well rested. The benefits of deep restful sleep are vast, but in business it is critical for making better and more thoughtful decisions. Well rested workers are better at handling stress at work and we all know the workplace can certainly be a stressful environment at times. Leaders who have at least 8 hours of deep sleep a day have a clear advantage.

So dust off those running shoes, sign up for a yoga class or take the dog for a walk. Think through an exercise program, set some attainable goals and go for it. Your health and your career will be better for it!

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