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How to Set Boundaries to Protect Your Me Time


How to Set Boundaries to Protect Your Me Time

Many people complain of burnout because of busyness but refuse to make time and prioritize their “me time.” Allotting exclusive time to yourself allows you to recharge and refuel so you can be the best you in your life, your relationships, and your business. To be able to do this consistently and effectively, you have to be strategic and deliberate when establishing good boundaries to protect your me time.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share the different ways to create boundaries so you can do and accomplish the things that matter the most. I also discuss a system you can use to gauge any diversion and differentiate distractions from urgencies. Since you can’t change anyone but you, I also share specific practices you can try to protect your “me time” at work and at home.

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“Your boundaries are the most essential thing that you can do for yourself to really make sure that you’re keeping you on the top of that list.” – Naketa Thigpen

This Week on Balance Boldly:

  • Why you should allow “power-up” time in the morning
  • Adapting to a system to protect your power-up time
  • Why it’s ineffective to have your meetings in the morning
  • Benefits of scheduling specific tasks
  • Free and cheap calendar tools you can use
  • Activities to protect your boundaries when re-calibrating
  • Establishing a power-down routine
  • Knowing the occasional exceptions of your “me time”
  • How to protect your weekends

Key Takeaways:

  • Protect your power-up time in the morning by having a level system.
  • Block off one day for a break, reflection, and recalibration.
  • Do not attend more than two events on any weekend.

A Little Gentle Honesty:

  • Protect your me time. You matter most.
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