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How to Sit at Your Financial Table With Power


How to Sit at Your Financial Table With Power

“All of these things that we embark on from a financial perspective are our seat at the table — you have to sit there with power.” – Dani Hughes 

Starting her career as a broker, Dani Hughes is now the CEO and founder of Divine Asset Management, a financial firm that provides financial advice and investment management to create financially powerful clients. Dani is regularly invited on CNBC and at events about leadership and women in business and holds several license. 

Today, Dani joins me to share the significance of boldness and authenticity when making financial choices. She also gives some practical advice on how to choose the right financial partner, how she changes the language in conversations regarding money, and how you can have a clear picture of where you’re going with your financial decisions. 

Click below the image to listen and lean more about:

  • The turning point in Dani’s life that led her to pursue a career in the financial industry 
  • The reason she created her own company 
  • Why you should trust your gut on your financial journey 
  • The importance of being sensitive to your internal responses 
  • What she and her firm require instead of a minimum fee 
  • Where to look for financial partners 
  • What she does to refuel and recalibrate herself

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand that you can take your time with your financial choices. 
  • Be unafraid to say you don’t know and you’re seeking advice. 
  • Everything has to come from authenticity. 
  • Be bold enough to sever ties that make you feel uncomfortable and prevent you from establishing your empire.

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A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Own your power. Serve your body. Begin with the space of recognizing the things that you are grateful for every single day, down to the little things.

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