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Insights on Marketing to the Affluent


Insights on Marketing to the Affluent

Most financial advisors, business owners & entrepreneurs want to get noticed by high net worth clients. To help make this happen, you need to include, in your marketing strategy, specific presentation, media, selling & marketing to the affluent techniques that will make you visible to wealthy prospects. Industry experts share insight, ideas and more, at this year’s summit.

One of the best entrepreneurial and financial advisor business plan strategies to get more affluent clients is storytelling. You can use storytelling to connect with wealthy prospects and clients on a deeper level-even if you’re not yet wealthy.

My colleague, Mark Satterfield, of Gentle Rain Marketing, is an expert at storytelling and author of Unique Sales Stories. He shares how powerful mastering the art of sharing stories can be for attracting wealthy clients to your business. This small business marketing strategy is a non-threatening way of engaging high net worth prospects in conversation at social events and can grow your business, exponentially when done correctly.

How to sell without selling

If you want to work with wealthy clients, you need to learn how to selling without be pushy or aggressive. For nearly two decades Sid Walker, founder of Selling Without Wrestling, has been coaching advisors and consultants who desire to work with wealthy clients. The best news… his low key approach has success rates that exceed 90%!

Drive sales with relationship marketing 

In our interview, Richard Weylman (affluent expert and founder of the Weylman Center for excellence) shares that average advisors spend only three hours per week prospecting. However, top advisors devote 18 hours a week (six times as much!) to this endeavor. He also shares that advisors attempting to target the wealthy need to replace their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) with a UVP (Unique Value Proposition). By including relationship marketing in your business plan you can strengthen your relationship and win clients for life. Spending additional time learning about your clients and prospects, showing them that you truly care, and delivering solutions that tackle their specific needs, will go a long way in eliminating competition from other advisors.

Get comfortable on stage

While it’s great to relate to prospects and clients one-on-one, this may not be the best methods to become a top producer. By learning how to provide persuasive presentations to larger groups you can leverage your time and results. Dr. Topher Morrison, the best-selling author of Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence, shared with me subtle but critical techniques that make all the difference when presenting to the high net worth. Some of his best advice for speaking includes bringing emotion into the presentation and making your presentation seamless.

Develop your media persona

To really attract all of the high end clients you desire, you need to be able to effectively leverage TV, radio, and social media. He shares that podcasts are a great tool advisors can use to attract high net worth women & couples to you.

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