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The Journey to Becoming a Millionaire


On becoming a HAPPY, HEALTHY millionaire

I’ve learned a few things in the 30 years of advising the top 1-2% of millionaires and the 20 years since I became a millionaire.

I refer to them as Millionaire Y’s, as they are choices (or Y’s) in the road of your life.

At each Y, you need to make a decision.

Step 1: Corporate job vs Entrepreneur

While you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to become a millionaire, the reality is that most are and even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, you need an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Step 2: Millionaire Entrepreneur vs Struggling, Broke Entrepreneur

Simply by aiming to become a millionaire entrepreneur, you will achieve far more than you ever will following the pack of struggling broke entrepreneurs.

Step 3: Happy, Healthy Millionaire Entrepreneur vs Unhappy, Unhealthy Millionaire Entrepreneur

I learned early on that while there are miserable, millionaire entrepreneurs, there are also ones with amazing businesses and amazing lives. And the difference lies in the choices we make, each second of each day.

To your journey, become a happy, healthy millionaire!

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