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Making Mistakes Means You Have Courage


Making Mistakes Means You Have Courage

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

This week, make mistakes. It’s OK to even fail. These learning points in our life simply mean that you have the courage to try something that others do not.

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If you’re not making mistakes and at times failing, you’re not trying. Communicating with influence Monday to Monday includes falling down. The key is to fall fast and avoid stepping on the same landmines.

Write down three actions you’re willing to take this week that push you outside of your comfort zone despite knowing you may make a mistake or even fail.

Some ideas to get you moving:

  • Have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off.
  • Try putting fewer words on a PowerPoint deck or get crazy and only use pictures.
  • Give yourself permission to pause and say less with more even if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Stand during a conversation when you would normally sit (because everyone else sits).
  • Video- or audio-record yourself during a presentation, meeting or sales pitch and then make a commitment to watch yourself.

If you make a mistake or fail with these along the way, quickly pick yourself up and try again. My father always told me, “You don’t know if you don’t try,” and he is a very wise man!

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