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Recharge Challenge

The challenge is simple – evaluate your current energy patterns and determine 5 simple shifts you can make in the most high impact moments throughout your day. Focus on small shifts that you can incorporate for the next week, and then go back through your Energy Audit to see if you’re moving in the right direction. Remember, challenges provide important moments for reflection that can help us determine even better course corrections that are more deeply aligned with our most important goals and values.

1) Bed time prep time – what do you do to prepare your brain for optimal sleep?

2) Morning jumpstart – how to you shift your brain into the most energy effective state of mind before you start your day?

3) Strategic nutrition – when and how do you incorporate nourishment through out the day?

4) Strategic movement – are you moving regularly enough to enhance circulation and keep the brain energized for optimal performance?

5) Strategic breaks – do you plan consistent time throughout the day for shifts in mental energy to improve resilience, focus and creativity?

To help you start your challenge, check out the following 5 minute video and download Heidi’s short Recharge e-Book for tips and tools to help you along the way. You can also join us on our Synergy FaceBook page where we’ll be providing support and accountability to all who participate. Let’s get ready to recharge!