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Take a Break at Work and Reap the Benefits


Take a Break at Work and Reap the Benefits

Take a break! Walk away from that evil spreadsheet. Put on your headphones, crank up your favorite tunes and let your mind wander.

Work and home life take up a huge amount of space – both your time and the prime real estate in your mind. As you’re pulled from one meeting to the next, scheduling play dates for your kids, keeping up with social media and then getting back to that painful spreadsheet – it is no wonder we all get a little stressed from time to time.

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Everyone needs a reminder to simply step away from work occasionally. This doesn’t mean you’re a slacker – it simply means your brain needs a minute to reboot.

Here are five reasons we believe it is paramount to take a break in the office.

  1. People are not machines – our brains require time to process data. We cannot be bombarded by 15 things at once, take it all in, process it, and move forward. We need to take a moment and give ourselves time to process. There is no harm in telling a coworker, “I need to think about it and I will get back to you this afternoon.”

  2. You’ll figure it out sooner. How many times have you worked on an item for hours upon hours and been stumped – no progress, just frustration. When you give your head a break, when you stop thinking about it – your brain figures it out in the background. The solution or the path to the solution seems to magically appear.

  3. Don’t get caught on the dangerous highway of burnout. The danger is real – there is a point of no return on this treacherous road. And when you reach that space, you’ll want to give up and pep talks won’t get you back on track. Do yourself a favor and keep burnout at bay – take breaks on a regular basis, whether it be a few moments of deep breathing or a walk around the block.

  4. Stepping away from your desk helps you concentrate. The human brain can really only focus for 15 to 40 minutes. After the hour mark, you may as well be at the beach sipping a cold pint. Think of the last time you were in a three hour meeting – what do you remember about the final two hours? Probably next to nothing – zilch.

  5. Sitting all day is nowhere near our natural state. Our bodies are meant to move. Going for a five minute walk stimulates our brains – it keeps us from becoming mentally stagnant. When you’re blood is flowing it is feeding your brain with oxygen rich blood. Think of the last time you exercised and the clarity of mind you gained.

Take a break at work! We recommend several small breaks throughout the day. It will make you more creative, productive and effective. It’s well worth it!

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