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The Concept of Avoiding by Confronting


The Concept of Avoiding by Confronting

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Stress plays a major role in everyone’s life. We all experience high levels of stress at various points in our lives, but how we deal with it can be critical to our health. Stress has been proven to lead to – or worsen – a number of health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why many doctors warn people to avoid stress-inducing activities.

It’s the concept of avoiding by confronting.

On today’s episode, I’m sharing this concept with you and how you can avoid stress-induced illnesses by identifying and confronting the triggers of your stress. I’ll also share how confronting burden and competition can play a role in your stress levels and what you can do to avoid them.

“We forget how helpful we could be if we could just take care of ourselves.” – Naketa Thigpen

This Week on Balance Boldly:

  • Types of stress-inducing activities you should avoid
  • Strategies for dealing with stress
  • The importance of taking time for gratitude and keeping your perspective
  • Avoiding burden by confronting with forgiveness
  • The importance of forgiving yourself – as well as others
  • Why it’s important to confront awkward conversations to find a place of resolve
  • Avoiding competition by confronting why you are afraid of camaraderie

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Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on the moment
  • Keep your perspective and gratitude
  • Be forgiving
  • Avoid competition; embrace camaraderie

A Little Gentle Honesty:

  • You don’t owe anyone anything – including your emotional space
  • Confront the fact that you may be burdened by anger and frustration partially because you are not forgiving something or someone
  • Sometimes we are in competition mode because we are afraid other people will expose our vulnerable areas
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