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The Power of Purpose


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For the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing man, Warren Rustand, as part of the Entrepreneurs Organization Leadership Academy. When I was asked to join the faculty for this event, Warren’s position as Dean of the Academy was used as a bargaining tactic; I was promised that my experience with him would change my life. And so it did.

Warren and I immediately connected around our interests in both practicing and preaching concepts related to energy management and peak performance. But what drew me most to this man was his ability to be fully present in the moment with the person who was in front of him. While it seems like a simple thing to do, I have only had this experience twice in my life, where I could sense someone’s ability to be that connected and grounded in the moment, reaching out to fully grasp the shared experience of giving energy to another.

While his resume is overly impressive, having played professional basketball, worked in the White House and run massively successful organizations, it was Warren’s connection to giving the best of himself in each moment that continues to inspire me to be a better person. Having taught along side Warren, I know how he would guide us to living a life fully lived: practice the power of purpose and create a life of discipline. 

Using what I’ve learned from my work at Synergy along with techniques shared by Warren, I’ve created a new morning jumpstart for myself. This doesn’t replace my “high five” routine, but it does allow me to get the process started. Immediately upon waking up, I’ve begun to ask myself 3 questions to help shift my brain to a positive focus:

#1 – Why am I alive today? (Thanks to Warren for this one.)

This first question helps me consider who I want to be before determining what I want to do. It also helps me focus more specifically on today, rather than letting my mind race with concerns about the bigger future. 

#2 – How can I serve?

Bringing my focus to an even more targeted effort, these words speak to me on a deeper level. I believe my purpose in life is to serve others to the best of my ability. But that can feel overwhelming when I look at the big picture, especially when I start comparing myself to others or becoming judgmental of my efforts. I think only about the day ahead, and think about the small moments where I’ll be able to serve others by giving my full and best energy. 

#3 – What do I really want?

In this final step I think about what’s most important to me. Coming back again to purpose, and my desire to serve others, I notice that what I really want most is deep connection with others. This requires emotional vulnerability, faith and love. At the foundation of everything I do it is these core values that drive me, and when I think about them and how important they are for me, I feel inspired to get up and take the steps required to give myself the best chance for success. Not success in a financial or materialistic way, but success at being more like the person I want to be and believe I have the potential to be if I keep moving in the right direction. Staying mindful of the power of my brain to either push me towards my goals or unintentionally pull me off course. 

By focusing my mental energy on what matters most to me, I can then step into the daily routine that I know will prepare my brain to support me in accomplishing a presence that enables me to have meaningful connections with others. And the more I connect, the more I am inspired to connect, and the more I sense what it is I most long for – love.

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