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The Zen of Podcasting


The Zen of Podcasting

I was just interviewed about why I love to podcast. The person interviewing me asked some great questions and I felt sharing his questions and my answers might just get some of you off the couch and get you to start podcasting.

When did you start podcasting?

I have only been podcasting in the proper form for a few years, but I started doing radio in high school. There is something about being alone in a quiet room with a mic and some headphones. As a coach and consultant, 75% of my job is asking deep, probing questions. Podcasting allows me to learn and uncover people’s brilliance, wisdom, and needs.

Who do you interview?

We have two podcast programs. One is Top Advisor Radio. This service is for financial services professionals, CPA’s/accountants and Estate Planning Attorneys who want to have their own syndicated podcast. We syndicate, produce, and use our content multiplier service to their podcasts to create custom content and share that content for them socially. Most advisors are great at talking but do not write well. We use their interviews to create custom content for them. They love it!

The second podcast program we have is Top Advisor Marketing Podcast. This program is co-hosted by Kirk Lowe and me. We interview thought leaders in the financial services industry about their approach to marketing, service, and branding. If you want to know what works in marketing today, this is the podcast for you.

Where do you find your guests?

Advisors seek us out for the content multiplier service. They are usually RIA’s, CPA’s and Estate Planning Attorneys who have an established brand and want to become thought leaders in their area. Gaining a strong voice using social media is a great, low-cost way to gain a lot of visibility.

When it comes to Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, most of our guests are a personal connection between Kirk Lowe and myself. If marketing and branding professionals want to be on the show, they should contact me directly.

How do you get them to agree to be guests?

We just ask; don’t ever be afraid to ask even the most “famous” or well-known people in your industry. Podcasting is a very powerful medium and most people like the free exposure.

How do you get the podcasts out to the public?

We launch our podcasts on Podbean and syndicate them on iTunes. Using our content multiplier service, we create around 40 pieces of social media content and we share it everywhere on behalf of our clients.

What is the biggest concern of your guests?

Guests are always concerned about how they will sound. My goal being the host is to have our guests sound great, have fun and get their message out to their audience. So far, all of our guests have been very pleased about the experience and have had a lot of fun. Even the driest of content can come across as exciting and interesting if you bring the right energy to the recording. They also are at ease because we are not podcasting live, so if they make a mistake, we can edit it out. Again, we want our guests to sound great!

What is about podcasting that keeps you coming back?

If I could podcast 5 times a day, I would be in heaven. Podcasting gives me the unique opportunity to ask questions to some really smart people and I get to learn so much from them. It also allows me to live in the present moment, I cannot think about anything but what my client is saying at that moment. I feel totally alive when podcasting, I hope that comes across when I host and interview.

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