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Want to Stand out from the Crowd? Follow These 10 Specific Nuances


Want to Stand out from the Crowd? Follow These 10 Specific Nuances

Here are some tips to remind you of some specific nuances, some of the many little things, we gently suggest you consider, to help you be more aware of How to Stand Apart™ to better compete: 


If we think about it, we all have the gift of feeling the energy around us.  As soon as you walk into a room, one is able to feel and sense the energy in the room.  Make a conscious effort to tune-in your finely tuned sensory receptors, to feel the room’s energy and respond, accordingly.  Here, you have an opportunity ..  to respond and set the tone.     


Successful people initiate.  Be the person who initiates everything from the first handshake to making eye-contact and conversation.  Ask open-ended questions about the other person and use their name, often.  I just brought a guest to The Capital Grille, a restaurant known for Power meals.  I always notice those who come into these restaurants who greet and shake hands and introduce themselves to everyone at their table including the host and maitre d’ and, use names.  Practice initiating consistently – socially and in business until this become part of you and your Personal Style! ~ You will be remembered as the initiator – as the person who leads, who others follow.  Initiate warm greetings and set your Professional tone and tenor – all, a positive, powerful reflection of you while demonstrating respect toward others.  


Shake hands like you mean it, like you want to be remembered in all positive ways which includes:   

  • Standing while initiating the handshake upon meeting, greeting, saying farewell and, sealing a bargain.  Remember the “half-stand” in awkward situations – tres chic.
  • Making good eye-contact – remember the lingering eye – an extra 2-3 seconds, not 9 or 10
  • Check your posture – stand straight and tall (Professional Stance); hands at sides, chin parallel to floor; lift rib cage
  • Have a pleasant, approachable expression on your face
  • Voice check:  take the edge off your voice
  • Have a “tag line” prepared which may change, from venue to venue.


Initiate conversation by asking open-ended questions about the other person which accomplishes three things:

  1. Keeps you in the “initiator” position.
  2. Takes the onus off you to talk.
  3. Permits you to hear volumes of powerful information from listening to the sound of another persons’ voice.  Voice is a powerful medium.  You can hear use of grammar, words they use, you can hear nervousness, boredom, arrogance, confidence! Use this to your advantage.


The most potent talent of a leader who exudes Professional Presence is to listen.  Be an Active Listener and listen with your ears, eyes and, body language.  Focus everything – all your attention, on THEM.  Endeavor to listen for more than what is just being “said.”


When speaking: Remember, you have about three seconds to ‘trade or travel.’  Make your words count.  Make it about them and let them understand what’s in it for them.   

  • Eliminate the non-words
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Pausing, shows you are a thoughtful person
  • Be careful with eyes and perceptions:  looking up suggests “Heaven help me;” sideways suggests “shifty.”  Looking down and pausing, shows you are a thoughtful person – make eye-contact; complete the thought.

7. REMEMBERING NAMES and Using them!

Make a point of remembering names and use them, often.


Emanate warmth and sincerity.  If you do not, others people will read this and there will be a disconnect.  Treat everyone you meet including the valet who pulls up your car and, the senior executive whom you just met with the same respect.  Make strangers feel like you have known them forever. 


Vertically (Professional Stance)


Step forward, lean in, turn sideways (unconfrontational). For those blessed with the great gift of height: bend at the waist and, even your knees;  lower your head slightly.  People of height need to be aware of and sensitive to eight and the intimidation factor, however inadvertently being conveyed and, mis-perceptions of “talking down” to people.  

If you do all these things, you will indeed “be a Man/woman well-met.”

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