Why Following Someone Else's Plan Never Works

Would you like to find out why following someone else’s plan never works?

You buy a course, read a book, watch a DVD. It shows you a plan that someone followed to become successful.They finally had a breakthrough of their cycle of procrastination, and now (through their plan) they have more money, a better way of life, fast cars, beautiful women.They have improved in some way and now they’re trying to teach that method to you.You’ll know from experience though, that following the plan of someone else does not normally work.Why is this?

There are several reasons that account for this;

  • Well, personally, I think it’s because the person teaching you the new method should teach you what they have done from BIRTH!
  • See, for someone to be in the same state of mind when following the plan, you need to have all the experiences as the teacher.This is not a recipe to bake a cake! You are trying to get someone to change their HABITS and that, I’m afraid, comes under the influence of your subconscious mind.As soon as you realize that Professional Development comes from your change of habits, and this is controlled DIRECTLY from your subconscious, you will have the foundation to do anything you wish.Convincing your subconscious mind is the key, and you can learn the various methods of controlling your subconscious mind on youtube.
  • You didn’t discover the “secret” yourself.
  • Most successful people have secrets to their success and Each individual has their own unique set of “secrets” that they must uncover to find success in life and business. The way you discover these secrets is to apply the “not secret” parts of success–preparation, hard work and learning from failure. sourceNapoleon Hill states that it is better if you discover the secret yourself, and I believe that to be true. You get such an emotional boost that it can be the motivator to change from that moment on.Related: How to Be a Leader of Significance in Just a Few Seconds!Related: Do This! And Achieve None of Your Goals

    The reason you need to get emotional is this

    ONLY Emotionalized thoughts have any ACTION influence upon the subconscious mind.The more emotion you can mix with a thought, the more your subconscious will take action on that thought. This can be achieved SLOWLY using the principle of AUTOSUGGESTION Or it can happen quickly such as when having a breakdown, crisis, accident or even when being super emotionally charged.For an example that shows the secret in all, it’s glory I refer back to a story that Napoleon Hill tells in Law Of Success.It starts with Napoleon Hill making a trip to Lumberport, West Virginia. At the time of his visit, the interurban electric train line did not make it all the way to Lumberport but stopped three miles away.The remainder of the distance had to be covered by foot. Unfortunately that afternoon the rains came down and Napoleon Hill had a dreadful long trudge through deep yellow mud, to get to his destination.Now imagine if you will the emotion and the state of mind as Nap Hill dragged himself three miles through the pouring rain, and mud.Do you think he was emotionally charged? Absolutely! With anger, admittedly, but he was probably boiling up this emotion for an hour or more. When he eventually reaches the town of Lumber port, sodden, muddy and exhausted, he bumps into the cashier of the Lumber port Bank and strikes up a conversation as to why the line has not been built…To cut a long story short Napoleon Hill gets so het up about the fact that the trolley line does not come all the way into the town of Lumberport that he finds out the reasons why there is no line into town. He then sets his Definite Major Purpose there and then–To get the streetcar line built. This would be no mean task because the cost of building the line and bridge was un-economical. Or so it seemed.Now, did Napoleon Hill go to his hotel and use Autosuggestion to get his subconscious mind working. NO!. (His subconscious was already on the case because he was already EMOTIONAL about the cause)…He made plans there and then and within 24 hours had got together a MASTERMIND of the town’s People, The Mayor, The Divisional Superintendent of The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company.After meetings with all concerned he Convinced the three main parties involved that it was in their interests to get the line built (again USING The MASTERMIND Principle).Within 3 weeks the contracts were signed. Within Two Months construction had begun, and three months after that, the first streetcars were running into Lumber port. Amazing!

    You know nothing about their mastermind group.

    Most successful people never talk about their masterminds groups. In order to use someone else’s plan for success, you need to know how the mastermind group functioned. How were the members coordinated? What were their specific functions and how did their collective effort bring about the change or success story.A MasterMind principle is the coordinated effort of two or more individuals who voluntarily come together to creatively put their energy behind a definite major purpose.“Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously, employed the ‘mastermind’ principle.” Napoleon HillFinal thoughtsThe sweetest victory is the one that you discover the secret by yourself, after working your ass of, learning and improving from your failures. Would you like to discover your unique genius? You can do so here.