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Why I Quit Coaching Advisors


Why I Quit Coaching Advisors

I have been coaching for a long time.

I realized (later than I’d like to have) that I needed a change. I love coaching, but people started hiring me as a consultant more than a coach. They wanted me to tell them what to do, and when I did they did not like it. I realize now more than ever that advisors need answers and solutions that they can’t find through coaching.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe deeply in the role a good coach plays in helping advisors evolve as professional and people – you can’t separate the two.

So I sought out to immerse myself in whom I need to be for advisors to truly love working with me and to move forward in their businesses. So I took a hard look in the mirror. What do I want to do? Who am I now? You know all the questions I would ask you. Then I met Kirk Lowe.

Kirk and I really hit it off. He is a marketing and branding guy, the best there is. I had never seen that level of creativity executed on the spot with such accuracy. Many advisors asked me to help them with their marketing and branding, I was okay at it. Now was my chance to become a student again and learn from a master.

During this learning process, Kirk and I started attacking social media hard.

We started doing a podcast and have had amazing results. I had done radio since I was 13, I was back in the flow I wanted and needed. I was thinking on my feet again, being present with our guests, making them be the best podcasters they could be.

I fell in love with podcasting and I am good at making people sound good. I’m good at asking questions, who’d have thought!

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While we attacked social media with our podcast, Top Advisor Marketing, we merged Kirk’s company, TactiBrand, and mine, Top Advisor Coaching. We named it Top Advisor Marketing. Seemed obvious! We now offer Branding, Social Media, and a Syndicated Podcasting service. (And we have had over 10,000 listens to our podcast.)

I am in charge of our Social Media department, a done for you complete social media service. We create custom content, help build your network, and find you new ideal connections.

I am also the host of our podcast and I help advisors like you create your own podcast channel. If you want to get your thought leadership out to a demographic who has a lot of money and are delegators, podcasting is the way to get there.

As much as I would love for all of my old clients to come on board with our social media and podcasting service, it is not for everyone. I just wanted to share the next chapter of my life with you.

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