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Winning! Not by Individual Accomplishment but Shared Achievement


Winning, Not by Individual Accomplishment but Shared Achievement

The New England Patriots have distinguished themselves as world-class athletes who have earned their titles and trophies not by individual accomplishment but shared achievement.

The Five-time Super Bowl Champions, with the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) coach and quarterback have demonstrated that believing, preparation, hard work, self-discipline, mental toughness, “team” mentality, treating others with respect and, how one handles adversity, determines character and success, is contagious, and key to winning. (Roger that!) We would like to extend huge congratulations to our world-class Gentlemen Warriors who epitomize graciousness, humility, respect and professionalism.

You gotta believe! Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have illuminated an acute awareness that when you believe you will become, evidenced in their popularly chanted mantra: “You gotta believe!” Their presence, poise, composure and winning personalities as they treat others with respect is not only contagious, but strategic to confronting key issues and winning.

Winning five Super Bowls and four MVP Awards Tom Brady says, “it is with determination that a person can link leadership to confidence to create an image of ability and brilliance.” We, here at PCI, have always advocated the importance of projecting positive energy, something to which, others are naturally drawn. Brady maintains “people want to be associated with winners… and if you can give the impression of being a winner, people will follow.” He goes on to say, “When you get in a huddle with 10 other guys and you are calling those plays, what you are putting off – people can feel. … If you are putting off confidence others can feel it … or if you are putting off fear, others can feel it … so when they get in a huddle with me, I want to look into their eyes and I want them to feel my energy, that I believe we are going to win.”  

Committed to Win: Tom Brady is committed to winning. His will to win is tantamount to his commitment to preparation evidenced in his lifestyle but says, “you have to have experience in failure as much as you have to have experience in success. The question is, how do you handle the rough times… and you’re going to have a lot of rough times… you’ve got to have that experience… to handle it.” Tom Brady’s standards raises the level of play for the entire team.

Motivation: Remembering the scars of being seventh and fourth string and also back-up quarterback with a team that didn’t win a game, in addition to the public harassment, unfounded judgments and humiliation endured with the manufactured infamous “deflate-gate” scandal was tough. Through it all, Brady exhibited Grace Under Pressure, and teammates and fans remained loyal.

Belichik on Preparation: “The price for success is always paid in advance.” Brady’s sense of confidence comes from exhaustive preparation. When others were finished on the field, Tom Brady is known to be “studying, in his room, preparing himself, being briefed and briefing himself on strengths and weaknesses of his opponents including their habits, tendencies and vulnerabilities and reviewing plays,” according to an interview by John Powers. “Brady will watch every frame of every defensive play of the season at least once and memorize every twitch and tic of every cornerback and safety. 

When you go into the game prepared, you can be confident. You feel like you have the answer to the test and you are just anxious to go out there and play.” We can all learn so much from the example Tom Brady lives. Also a great family man, Mr. Brady, an icon, walks the talk and is a living legend and role model for all of us. 

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