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10 Steps to Make Each Day Better Than the Day Before

1. You approach your role with an organized and focused “get it done now” sense of urgency.

2. You focus on results, not just “to do’s”.

3. You know how to evaluate risks that need to be taken and act only on the correct ones.

4. You practice positive self-talk that encourages you to believe in your abilities and properly challenge yourself.

5. You talk with others in a respectful but confident manner.

6. You are organized and in control; you can’t even spell “overwhelm” let alone talk about it.

7. You have no interest in blaming others or being overly critical of yourself (no self-guilt); you know that these activities (blame and guilt) wastes time and creates unnecessary emotional distractions.

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8. You ignore negative feedback based solely upon negative opinions lacking any constructive alternatives.

9. You don’t worry about things you cannot control; you focus on what you can influence or direct.

10. You work on executing the fundamentals as best as you can, keeping everything as simple as possible.