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The Top 5 Management Fails of 2019


Written by: Jason Cortel | Jason Cortel 

Most managers are decent, well-intentioned people, hard-working people. But even the most well-meaning people display bad behaviors from time to time. Employees will moan about their boss at the dinner table as sure as the sun will rise.

But we have reached a point in our evolution where the following management fails should no longer occur.

Forgetting what they asked employees to do. 

What isn’t written down is soon forgotten which leads to lack of accountability. It tells employees that the manager doesn’t mean when they say and that what they ask for isn’t important.

Not setting the example.

At this point, there is no doubt that managers are role models. There is no excuse for modeling hypocrisy. People are watching and assessing what they see their manager do, say or allow.

Fighting with or engaging in negative gossip about your peers or boss.

The oldest lessons in management is pubic support/private debate and don’t spread negative gossip about peers or other leaders.

Not being available.

Nobody is so busy that they cannot be available when their support is needed. Ghosting is a new term but not an acceptable management practice.

Not addressing performance problems.

It has been well-proven that allowing ongoing performance issues go unaddressed is the first thing that will demotivate those who are performing.

These fundamental things are easily avoidable when managers are positive, proactive and present. These common management fails shouldn’t still be happening today.

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