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Are You a Leader Worth Following?


Are You a Leader Worth Following?

Your success as a leader can be measured not only by how much money you can bring into your organization. Having a team of employees who respects you, gets inspired by you, and follows you is something that can prove how effective you are as a leader.

To know if you’re a leader who is worth following, do a self-assessment to see if you have the following attributes:

It is your desire and goal to make a difference.

Good leadership is all about influencing positive change. If you want to be an effective leader, you’ve got to be able to make a difference not just in the operations of your company, but in the lives of your team members. Use your talents to benefit and serve others. When you do this, you will affect other people’s lives without you knowing it.

You have accepted your own imperfections.

A good leader isn’t someone who brags about what he or she knows and can do. A good leader is one who is fully aware of their own mistakes and shortcomings. Despite your imperfections, you have to remain passionate about what you do and focused on fulfilling your purpose. Keep in mind also that while all of us have good traits and skills to contribute, we are also likely to commit mistakes and get things wrong. You have to know this, accept it and work through it.

You can control the voices in your head.

As a leader, you’re going to hear different voices in your head. You’ll hear someone telling you to be quiet, be demanding, be in a rush, be pushy, and so on. Thus, it’s vital that you take control over these voices. You have to keep your words and actions in check all the time.

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You are willing to help solve different problems.

Effective leaders are very good at solving problems and rectifying things. If you want to effect positive change around you, the first thing you need to do is determine what can be changed and improved. Don’t shy away from problems because they are what will enhance your strength, confidence, and trust in your team.

You make things happen no matter what.

Great leaders know what being a leader means being the one who can get things done. They know that ideas without implementation are mere products of hallucination. You can tell that your leadership is good and effective if you can achieve your goals, implement your plans, and get to where you want your team to be. To be a good leader, you have to balance faith and vision, while at the same time staying true to yourself and your values.

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