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Are You Guilty of Treating Your Employees Like Robots?


Are You Guilty of Treating Your Employees Like Robots?

“I am not a robot. I have a heart and I bleed.” —Serena Williams

Robots are designed to run on a predetermined program; thoughtlessly performing tasks. Good leaders do not treat employees simply as a process or piece machinery. These leaders do not treat people simply as a means to an end. Employees are human. If you want the value of their contribution, then you need to meet a few of their wants in exchange.

They want meaning

No one wants to perform a task, day in and day out, simply for the sake of performing it. Employees want their work to have meaning. They want to understand the big picture and the role they personally play in that picture; share the meaning.

They want control

No one wants a dictator controlling their every move. Employees want a level of control over their own work. Give employees the training and resources they need, set and communicate parameters, and then let them do what you hired them to do; give them control.

They want to contribute

While people do work to earn money, money is not their only motivation. Employees want to be able to take pride in their contribution to the organization. They want to know that they are of value. Make sure they know how much they are appreciated for their specific and unique contributions.

Focus on People

Your employees are not robots, start focusing on the human side of your workforce. They want meaning, share it with them. They want control, give it to them. And, they want to contribute, appreciate them for it. It’s time to focus on your employees as people.

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