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Are You Ready To Set Intentions for 2018?


Are You Ready To Set Intentions for 2018?

We all know what it’s like to start the year with a clear set of intentions. Some people call them resolutions, but it’s more about your intention to start something, or develop something you are already working on that gives you the best chance to make this your best year yet.

We also know that many good intentions get lost along the way, and usually it’s for a very good reason. We don’t take the time to develop the clarity we need to succeed.

By using the following format you will not only develop a clear plan of action steps but if you set your calendar to update the list throughout the year, you will stand a greater chance of succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

Before you begin, think about what you wish to accomplish in 2018. Be ambitious, but realistic about what you can accomplish with the time and resources you have available.

Take your time with this exercise and you will be rewarded with clarity and focus to fulfill your desires.

(Your Name) INTENTIONS FOR 2018


What are your INTENTIONS for 2018? Be specific.

Once you have written down your intentions, take them in order of priority.


In this section you will clarify what resources you already have to fulfill these intentions and what you will need. Write out the intention in the header. The more you state your intention the greater chance you have to follow-through on it.

Intention #1 

  • What Resources Do I Have To Fulfill This? 
  • What Do I Need That I Don’t Currently Have?

Intention #2 

  • What Resources Do I Have To Fulfill This?
  • What Do I Need That I Don’t Currently Have?

 Continue this format with each of your intentions. 

Decide which of these intentions is the most important for you right now. This will be your one thing to focus on.


Write down what action steps you need to take to fulfill this intention for the year to come. Be specific.

Action #1

Action #2

Action #3

Action #4

Now, decide which of these actions will take you the furthest toward your goal and number them in priority. Put a date beside the actions to set the intention to complete.

Priority #1

Priority #2

Priority #3

Priority #4

When you are ready to focus on your next intention, do this same exercise for each one. By focusing on only one thing at a time, you are giving clear signals that you are committed to the outcome of this intention.


Beyond your intentions for your business, or personal life, there are other dimensions you need to consider. Write down what you would like for each of the following areas.

  • My Emotional Life
  • My Family Life
  • My Professional Life
  • My Spirituality
  • My Stress-Management
  • My Creativity
  • My Health and Wellness
  • Other

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If you put all this together, what does YOUR Big Picture look like? What will your life look like when you fulfill your intention, and take the right kind of actions to get you there? Be specific.

FINALLY….by making a commitment to yourself to pursue this intention diligently you are stating your intent with conviction.


By setting these intentions in writing, I am declaring that this is what I want, and I’m prepared to do what’s necessary to reach fulfillment of this intention. I will honor the commitment I am making here today, and ask my community, the world and the universe to support me in obtaining this.

And so it is.




Wishing You All The Very Best Success in 2018.

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