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Ask These 3 Questions and You’ll Make the Right Call Every Time



When it comes to ethics, team management and conflict-resolution, too many leaders leave things to chance. Sort of like the princess who kissed a rainforest full of frogs and just hoped for the best. But leadership is no fairy tale. 

Quality corporate and client relationships don’t happen by accident. In the real world, kissing frogs and hoping for the best is far more likely to leave you with a mouthful of warts than a dashing prince.

You’ve drafted strategic business plans and marketing plans and investment plans. But what about your strategy for decision-making itself? Do you even have one?

Don’t freak out if you don’t. Here are three questions to ask, to help you make solid decisions. Every. Single. Time.

Instead, take your options to court.

At court, Queen Wilhelmina has three advisors who work together to reach any decision. She represents your willpower, your ability to choose.

Her three advisors are called Conscience, Common Sense, and Desire. When all three advisors answer in unity, the right choice is clear.

Each advisor gives a simple Yes or No answer to one single question:

Conscience — Is it right? 

Common Sense — Is it best? (For this situation, person, place, time.)

Desire — Do I really want it? (And the inevitable ramifications.)

These three simple questions make a profound difference in how you manage both your corporate and client relationships. Use these to achieve ethical yet savvy business choices that serve to both benefit your long-term vision and strengthen trust and credibility among those around you.

You are ultimately in the driver’s seat. No matter what other people do or say, your choices of how to act and react are your own.

You always have a choice.

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