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Career Planning Lies You Keep Telling Yourself


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In the past, having a job meant having a career. But things have changed so drastically, and now, moving from one job to another is considered as an essential step towards a successful career path. Also, it is very common for people to jump from one career to another.

If you lack the confidence to change careers at this point in your life, you are not alone. There are, in fact, plenty of reasons you want to just stay put. If you’re happy with your present career, there’s no reason to change. But if your job and career don’t give you satisfaction anymore, you definitely have to make a move now.

Here are the lies you need to stop telling yourself about your career:

“I’ll stay for just one more year.”

It’s likely that you’ve said this more than 5 times already, and you’re just making yourself believe that a year is enough for you to make the decision. Stop putting off the inevitable! You know if you have the right career or not, so if you can’t find satisfaction in your present career, you have to make the change now.

“This is what I went to college for.”

You don’t have to force yourself to love a meaningless career just because it’s what you wanted back in college. People change and circumstances change. Examine yourself to know your passion because your degree should not dictate what you ought to become…it’s your passion.

“There aren’t any other jobs out there for me.”

Jobs are everywhere, and all you need to do is find them. If you’ve spent years already looking for another job and still can’t find one, there is definitely something wrong with how you do it. If you know you have the skills and experience that will make you a valuable member of an organization, then you should find work.

“My salary now is too good to give up.”

This is one of those beliefs that have prevented many from finding what they really love to do. Although income is a serious consideration to make when choosing a career, you cannot forever be enslaved by it! Money can be earned by any means, but happiness and fulfillment can’t. Doing something that’s close to your heart is certainly the best investment you could make.

“I am so much needed in my company.”

You have to face it; everyone in the corporate world is replaceable. No matter how good you are in what you do, there is still a great chance that your employer will look for someone better than you. You should focus more on your own career planning and don’t be too concerned about what may happen to your company when you leave.

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