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Can You Count on Yourself to Be Okay in the Face of Not Knowing?


Someone recently asked me about the difference between vulnerability and insecurity; are they polar opposites or the same?

I believe, at the core, they’re the same.

Vulnerability is all about exposure—opening ourselves up in the face of risk. Insecurity is also about the risk of exposure but assumes a lack of confidence. In other words, we don’t trust ourselves in the face of exposure. Which creates the two vastly different experiences.

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Can you count on yourself to be okay in the face of not knowing? In the face of possible failure, or rejection? I’m not sure any of us, when focused on our inadequacies—on how we don’t fit in, might not be accepted, or might lose or fail—are able to meet challenges by embracing vulnerability. It’s human to protect ourselves.

The ultimate tension and our ultimate challenge.

Which is why it’s critical to have command of our ability to shift our focus on to something greater. On hashtagpurpose. Our hashtagSuperObjective. Next time you’re feeling insecure, use it as a red flag—a reminder to shift your focus. What’s the impact you want to have outside yourself? Focus on taking action to achieve impact instead of your insecurities. Then and only then will you be able to step into your vulnerability. Powerfully. hashtagBraveLeadership

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