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Do You Know How to Prepare to be an Exceptional Leader?


We have all heard people tell us to “do our best.”

Great advice, but rarely does anyone suggest that you should first “prepare” to do your best, so you actually can do your best!

The most successful athletes, business leaders, entertainers and other professionals all practice and prepare, so why shouldn’t you?

Here are 5 real good starting activities you should undertake:

  1. Separate yourself and do whatever is necessary to get away from those people who are holding you back or who are always telling you what you can’t do. We all have enough challenges to face, we don’t need any additional negative influences in our lives.
  2. Learn to say “no” to those people and activities that are taking your time for their needs or purposes, leaving you no time for what you need or want to do. In this regard, work hard to develop the courage to say what’s on your mind when it needs to be said. Get into the habit of “stating your intent” to bring more clarity and focus to all of your activities.
  3. Launch a deliberate and consistent ongoing self-learning program. The result of this effort is to increase your knowledge and skills, so that you can add value and contribute more to yourself, your family, your business and your clients. As part of your self-improvement efforts, learn to develop more “mental toughness” so that you are better equipped to handle ambiguity and pressure.
  4. Begin a regular – daily – ritual of taking care of yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally. When all of our “parts” are in sync, we perform at our most optimum levels. Remember, there is nothing wrong with periodically putting yourself first.
  5. Start doing things without any fear of making a mistake. While mistakes can hurt or delay you, the value of the learning experience far outweighs the short-term negative impact they might have.


I’m sure there are more activities you could undertake to prepare to be your best. The ones I have listed above are an excellent place to start.

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