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Do You Understand the True Value Being Delivered to Your Client?


Do You Understand the True Value Being Delivered to Your Client?

As we embark upon the New Year, it’s appropriate that everyone remembers and acknowledges that we live and work in a service economy. Our customers or clients pay us for the products we offer, but more importantly, they pay us for the service and the experience that comes with it. If your customer is pleased with your service and the experience, they will see value in their relationship with you. That will add to repeat business and referrals, which will result in the dramatic growth of any business.

Establishing a relationship based upon the value you deliver – and that your client fully understands and acknowledges – is one that augurs well for the future of your business.

I am always amazed at how many business owners, who know what their product or service does, have a very limited knowledge of the true value being delivered to their customer. These unfortunate folks live in a world of “busy” and transactions, not relationships. They make money. But they are not building significant wealth in the form of future financial security and having more discretionary time to spend on the things and activities that add to the quality of one’s life.

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If you’re guilty of being an activity/transaction drone, stop living in a vacuum. Start periodically asking your customers for their feedback on the service you provide and how your product not only addresses their needs but solves problems for them and helps them grow their businesses. The more you know, the better able you will be to help them more but also market to new prospects who have the same needs.

Just remember this: If your customer doesn’t see the value in working with you, they’ll find someone else.

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