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Four Key Leadership Traits to Drive Business Growth

As the CEO or leader , your primary responsibility is to drive your organization to business growth. It requires not only getting things done, but more importantly, getting the right things done.

To achieve the results required means that your leadership skills will be tested. Here are four concepts to keep in mind as you lead your organization and drive them to achieve business growth.

1. Don’t be bashful. Pitch in when you have to. No one is above or doing necessary work. When your team sees you rolling up your sleeves they will appreciate the fact that you appreciate their efforts and would never ask them to do something that you yourself would not to. Your actions will help you earn more trust from your team.

2. Lead your team. Direct them to address specific tasks and goals. However, make certain that you solicit feedback on what they’re doing and how it can be improved. Ask your team to work quickly, but with a focused sense of urgency. Empower them to do whatever they do in the best way they possibly can.

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3. Don’t be afraid to embrace new challenges. I read recently that Orville Wright flew the first airplane without a pilot’s license. We move ourselves forward when we take a smart risk and embrace new challenges. An additional benefit is that we learn something new about a given situation which will serve us well in the future. When embracing new challenges, you want to think before you act, but don’t get caught up in too much thinking; make certain you do take action.

4. Finally, as the leader, you have the responsibility to set expectations and measure results. Use that responsibility as the power you need to move your team and company forward.