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Go Back to School! 4 Common Career Risks Worth Considering


Go Back to School! 4 Common Career Risks Worth Considering

If you want to have a better chance of reaching your career goals, it’s important that you take calculated risks.

You shouldn’t be afraid to do things that have no clear results, because when you are, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities to grow and expand your career.

Here are some common career risks you should consider taking:

1. Going Back to School

You might feel overwhelmed by the thought of making the time and financial commitment to go back to school. Of course, you have responsibilities to your family, and working while studying will make you life so much harder.

What you should think about first is your end goal. What do you really want to achieve when you go back to school? Are you changing or raising career paths? If going back to school will help you achieve your career goals, then you should talk to your boss, mentors, and even your professors. Work out your schedule first and make sure you are emotionally and mentally ready before you officially return to school.

2. Changing Careers

Many people aren’t happy with their jobs but they still choose to stay because of their fear of the unknown. There are many reasons for being unhappy in their jobs, and many of them just can’t be taken for granted. If your reason for hating your job is having an unlikable coworker, it’s not good enough reason for you to leave. However, if you’re not utilizing your interests or passions in your current job, then you should seriously consider switching to another career that will fulfill you.

3. Refusing Added Responsibility

If your boss loves giving you additional responsibility for you to deserve a promotion or a raise, you can’t always keep your arms open. You need to understand what all those responsibilities could mean for your success. Keep in mind that not all promotions will do you good in the long-term. Besides, you risk becoming the office doormat if you keep taking on projects and tasks that are not guaranteed to help advance your career.

4. Starting Your Own Business

More and more people are starting their own businesses because of the great opportunities that the Internet is offering to entrepreneurs. This is something you can do as well if there’s something you’re passionate about that you can turn into a business.

To increase your chances of succeeding in a business, weigh your options well. Do enough research, save money, and spend it wisely. Make sure also that you enhance your network and connections because they will eventually play a vital role in your marketing. You should consider working with a personal coach so you could be guided not only in your career, but your possible business in the future.

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