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Goals: The Real Work Comes by Taking Action


Goals: The Real Work Comes by Taking Action

I’ve always felt like I was a bit ‘old school’ about this because I really like to put pen to paper even more than type to computer when I write down goals. For me, it’s that tactile act that makes it real. If I want to take it a step further, I tell someone I trust, then I might tell someone else I don’t know so well in random passing. Both are valuable, the first feels like an admission because if I verbalize I’m going to do something then gosh darn it, I am. That’s just the way I’m built. If I tell someone else in passing, that’s part of me really owning the idea and getting more comfortable with it.

My most recent goals are with my books and my writings. Either they sit in the figurative “drawer” on my computer or they go live into the world. I often ask myself, what’s important about having people read my words? Is it narcissism? Is it self-promotion? Both cringe-worthy thoughts! I know part of it is more noble–wanting to make a positive impact and entertain at the same time and of course, if I want people to read something I need to tell them I wrote it.

Fingers crossed this year I will have both my thriller and my non-fiction book ready to share with you or at least in the process of getting in print. I’m excited about this goal and the fact I’m sharing it here says a lot for me. It’s that goal thing of both writing it down and then telling someone to keep myself accountable. To boot, I’m excited about this goal and also realistic of what work I need to do to make it happen.

It’s one thing to write a goal down and talk about it. The real work comes by taking action. I’m a believer in dreamy goals and realistic ones, but mostly it’s about the commitment to doing the work.

What’s something you’re excited about and want to achieve?  Can you write it down for yourself and make it real? Will you tell one person?  Or perhaps you subscribe to the not telling mindset as described by this 3 minute TED talk below. Perhaps I’m the combination of both, I don’t say a goal until I’m absolutely ready and serious about making it happen. Which one are you?

Keep your goals to yourself | Derek Sivers — Click the image to watch

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth — Click the image to watch

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