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Great Leaders Understand Sales is King



At the conclusion of a performance period, measurements must be made. In the business, personal finance, and consumerism world, it is all about top line sales and bottom line profitability.

Thus, the most common questions from leaders at this time should be:

  • What is our top line performance?
  • What is our bottom line result?
  • What were our sales and/or profitability performance?

The entire organization needs to be focused on these two realities: sales and profitability. Regardless of your type of business, without sales and profitability, none of what you need or want becomes a reality–not for you, your teammates nor your family.

Thus, great leaders must laser focus on these two measurements and then translate figures into specific numerical goals for respective individuals within the organization.

Employees need to know how they “touch” these numbers, how what they do impacts these numbers.

Once that is made clear, it is possible to create development plans and training efforts to support employees in order to perform at a level beyond what they believe is possible.

A great leader will have direct impact on these measurements and he/she is culpable for the influence on the numbers. Remember:

  • How a leader pays attention to these figures is contagious.
  • If the leader stays aligned to the strategies to achieve results so will everyone else.

It’s important to note that success is generated from your awareness of your failure. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got and that includes failure.

In order to increase sales and profitability, a great leader will have to change the playing field. Do you have the guts to expose your inner most “secrets” and be transparent about your flaws?

Learn from failure, modify behavior and take action. There is no “magic bullet” to increases in sales and profitability. Instead, the key to greater success is to examine the top and bottom line. And if something is not working, stop complaining and asking why something happened or who is at fault. Instead, start asking:

  • What can I do differently?
  • What else can I do?
  • How can I change my outcomes?

The choice is yours!

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