How Smart Women Can Get on Corporate Boards

Women need to make their corporate board interests known in the first place. It takes research and preparation to get a board seat. Here are a few tips:

  • Promote your career through non-profit board involvement, political connections and company activities, so you meet people who are themselves on boards.
  • One of the key credentials for board members is experience being accountable for the profits and losses of a company. Since women have held fewer P&L roles than men, you have to work that much harder and your network needs to be that much stronger
  • Be strategic. Acquire marketable expertise. Knowledge of digital technology , the regulatory environment and executive compensation are in high demand.
  • Parlay those skills into a board membership through stronger and strategic networking.
  • Create a digital footprint. Online connections can lead to pleasant surprises.
  • Go global. International experience is in demand. Depending on the company that could mean: an international posting, extensive overseas business travel, or responsibility for foreign markets; or deep understanding of the culture and consumers, or the executive have “on-the-ground” experience.
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