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How to Become More Approachable at Work


Interpersonal skills are essential in any workplace, and whatever industry you’re in, you need to possess effective communication skills. But what if you aren’t a people person by nature? Unless you’re naturally outgoing, you may find it difficult to build relationships with your colleagues.

Fortunately, experts say that no person can’t be a pure introvert or extrovert. Every person has the ability to adapt to whatever situation they are in, as well as to acquire the important communication skills needed to succeed. You may find it intimidating to have to reach out to your colleagues, the relationship you’ll build with the other people at work can help improve your satisfaction as well as your level of productivity in your job.

If you believe that you lack good interpersonal skills, let me give you some tips that will help you develop them in the workplace.

1. Choose to be in an organization that you’re confident about and you believe in.

One of the easiest ways to interact with people is to find a common ground so you can connect with them. If you belong to a company you’re enthusiastic about, it’s very likely that you will share the same interest with the people you work with, which can make it easier for you to communicate with them.

2. Your work and home lives should be kept separate.

It’s definitely not a good idea to tell your co-workers about your marriage problems or how stressful your family life is. When you overshare your personal life, you’re going to make other people uncomfortable and uninterested. You should not bring your home life at work so you can focus on your job and you will be more pleasant to your colleagues.

3. Don’t just talk; make an effort to listen.

Keep in mind that a conversation is a two-way street. When you communicate with someone, you shouldn’t just tak. You also need to listen. You want your co-workers to see you as someone who knows when to shut up, and not someone who knows about everything and everyone.


4. Set goals.

If you’re not naturally outgoing, then you need to exert more effort to become one. For example, you may plan to have lunch with your co-workers every other day. You may also decide on which days you will have a coffee break with the other members of your team. What really matters here is that you allow yourself to be in a position where you can interact with other people.

5. Mind your body language and tone.

In any life coaching program, coaches emphasize the importance of tone and body language. The messages you send to other people are not defined by your words only. How you say things and the body language you use when you communicate with other people matter in the eyes of the people you talk to.

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