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How to Minimize Employee Absenteeism

If absenteeism is a problem in your workplace, you are not alone. Employee absenteeism is one of the most common and challenging problems business owners and managers face. Another thing that makes these absences difficult to overcome is the fact that they can happen for many reasons.

Aside from taking legal steps to prevent employees from being absent from work too often, business consultants advise company owners and/or supervisors to take the following steps:

1. Set clear attendance expectations.

Believe it or not, some tardiness and absences are caused by misunderstandings and miscommunication regarding what time work should begin. To address this, create a clear attendance policy if you don't already have one. You should also set expectations in terms of the policy itself and the consequences of absences.

2. Implement the attendance policy strictly and consistently.

This isn't as easy as it may seem. It's not enough that you make a policy regarding your employees' absences. More importantly, you have to enforce it. However, bear in mind also that there has to be some room for flexibility. Take into consideration the different situations your employees might be in, which may force them to be absent. Again, what's important is you communicate with your workers.

3. Make sure employees know what they should do if they are going to miss work.

There will be situations that may force your employees to be absent from work. Emergencies happen without notice! Thus, it's important for your workers to know who and when they should call in case they have to miss work. Be clear also as to what information they must provide when they call to inform of their absence.

4. Look for ways to improve employee wellness.

Prevention is better than cure. With that said, you should consider implementing programs that are meant to enhance employee wellness. One way of doing this is encouraging your employees to take a nap in the afternoon. Provide them with a place where they can relax during their lunch break. Another method is to give away free gym memberships to encourage everyone to try to live a healthier lifestyle.

5. Consider giving rewards for outstanding attendance.

Rewards are always an excellent form of motivating employees. If you want them to limit the number of days they miss work, you should reward them for keeping good attendance. This doesn't mean you have to spend money for the reward. In fact, a simple gesture of appreciation or recognition will make a difference.

Working with a business consultant is beneficial not only for those companies who need guidance to increase profit or to expand. If you need sound advice on how to motivate your employees or how to keep them motivated to work, a business consultant is someone you should talk to.