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Important Traits Every Startup Employee Should Have


Important Traits Every Startup Employee Should Have

Any startup founder would agree that their company’s success depends a lot on their ability to build a solid team. If you own a startup business, it’s important that you get people board that you can rely on, who share your company’s vision, and those who can consistently be on top. But these are not the only things you should look for in a team member.

The following are the important traits you want your team members to possess:


If you’re in love with what you do, you’ll certainly feel that work feels like play already. When you have workers who are passionate about their jobs, their shared passion will become an important part of your company’s culture. It is for this reason that you should hire people who are passionate about what they are doing. When you have a team who works toward the same goal and with the same amount of enthusiasm, there will be no limit to what they can achieve together.


When evaluating a new hire, you should not only look for functional skills, but also for a candidate’s ability to adapt and solve problems. Since these potential team members will have an important role in setting the tone of the company’s growth, there’s no point in hiring only for functional skills.

Calculated Recklessness

Calculated or smart recklessness could be a very important asset or skill that an employee possesses. When team members play it too safe into the company’s system, it’s possible that they will not discover things that will help the company achieve its goals. You have to understand that learning is an important effect of making mistakes. Furthermore, mistakes are inevitable when you want your employees to be creative. There should always be room for mistakes if you want them to grow professionally.


Especially in a startup business, integrity among employees is vital. You need to be able to trust each of your team members to do their jobs well, and also to protect your company’s intelligence. You may be interviewing one of the most brilliant developers in town, but if you don’t feel you can’t trust him or her, there’s really no point in hiring them.

Complementary Skills

Managers have a tendency to hire people who are similar in terms of personality and even skills. What they don’t realize is that they should hire people who are their opposite. Why? Well, it’s because you should search for individuals who have strengths that the people they will work with do not have. That’s why business consulting experts emphasize that in order for a startup business to have a team that functions well, managers have to make sure that each member has skills that complement one another.

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