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Leaders: Four Ways to Share What You Have Been Given


Leaders: Four Ways to Share What You Have Been Given

“To whom much is given, much is required-not expected, but required.” —Andrew Young

The first of a new year is a great time for reflection. Not just a time to reflect on personal aspects of your life, not just the status of your professional aspirations, but where do you stand as a leader. In the areas you are given much, whether it be status; knowledge; wealth; or experience, much is expected of you. According to Andrew Young, much is required of you. Here are four ways to share what you have been given.

Your care

Everyone needs someone to truly care about them as an individual. Whether it be in your home, workplace, or community; take a genuine interest in others. Empathize with them in their struggles and rejoice with them in their successes.

Your ear

There is almost no greater gift you can give than to listen to others. Everyone has a story they long to share; they have opinions, concerns, and ideas. Give them the opportunity to be heard, to be acknowledged, and to be validated.

Your encouragement

Your encouragement can make all the difference in the success of others. We all need to be encouraged, for someone to show confidence in our abilities, and to have faith in our dreams. Your encouragement can inspire others to overcome barriers and reach new heights.

Your investment

Sharing your knowledge and experience can be on unbelievable benefit to others. When you invest your time and your resources in helping others grow, you are paying it forward. Your investment can lift up the next generation of leaders who in turn can help lift others.

Opportunity for Others

Use what you have been given as a tool for providing opportunity for others. Show genuine care, listen earnestly, offer them encouragement, and invest your time and resources in them. To whom much is given, much is expected; it’s time to start showing gratitude for all you have been given by sharing it with others.

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