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Next Time You Feel Stuck, Make One of These Simple Physical Adjustments

It is so simple. It is always available to us. And we forget.

When a business conversation suddenly gets stuck. When we start playing verbal ping pong with another person and are determined to win the point. When we want to shut up and simply don’t know how. Yes. When our mouth seems to have an unstoppable mind of its own.

Shift from your clever-thinking mind back into your body. It’s where energy gets blocked. It’s where we unblock it. I’m talking about the very simple act of letting your body do the work for you.

Next time you feel stuck, make a simple physical adjustment.

Invoke the benefit of the subtle physical shift:

  • A conscious deep breath
  • An upward arch of the spine
  • A wiggle of the butt in our chair
  • A firm flex of the arches of your feet on the floor
  • A circular roll of our shoulders
  • Out of the head. Into the body. This is the conundrum, of course. In the moment when we need the help of our body most, we tend to ignore it with stubborn willfulness.

    It takes only a second or two. With our return to the body, we shift our energy and the energy of any conversation we happen to be in. Better yet, we need not understand how the shift works. We just need to trust that it does. Let our body do the magic.

    Another conundrum. We require the help of our mind to shift back into the body. Not the clever-thinking-mind. No, the talk-to-my-body mind. It’s the mind that remembers how sometimes the move forward is through the body. Cultivate this part of your mind. Make talking to your body a habit. Think small physical adjustment. Think energy shift.

    Mental note: When you find yourself in a clever conversation that is going nowhere, remember. Shift out of your clever-thinking mind, into the body. The benefits of a physical shift far exceed thebrevity of the act. They always do. It’s a beautiful thing.