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One Simple Gem on How to Lead a More Successful Operation


One Simple Gem on How to Lead a More Successful Operation

Those of us in a leadership position, all want to run/lead a successful operation. 

However, many are just not doing the right things at the right time to achieve that goal. We get very good at complaining and blaming, but eventually realize that nothing good comes from that.

The success of your company hinges on many factors. Some of these factors you can control, while there are others that you have to react to.

One of the most important factors of success – that you can control completely – is your team.

Specifically, how you help your team members find, develop and properly use their greatness.

Throughout the majority of my corporate career, I was always in a leadership position with my team depending on me to do the right thing to help them learn and grow, and to perform at their best level.

That’s right, “help them learn and grow.” 

Helping your team to learn and grow is the only way to ensure that each of your team members is given the opportunity to find, develop and use their internal greatness.

Now, they have to “choose” to use their greatness. While you cannot control what choice they make, you can – and should – still create the opportunity.

A leader is only as good as the team they assemble, develop, and lead (not manage).

Of these three critical issues, “assemble, develop, and lead”, the most important one is “develop”. Why? Because if you don’t invest the time needed to develop your team and help them create the right work behaviors or habits, they will form their own—which I guarantee will not be the right ones! It is your responsibility as the leader to help your team members to find and open their internal box where their greatness is stored and to show (develop) them to begin to use it.

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