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Pivoting Your Career with Passion


Pivoting Your Career with Passion

Roxanne Wilson is a former Appellate Lawyer and Supreme Court Justice Clerk who pivoted her career to become an accomplished event planner and skincare influencer. She is the owner of a Jazzercise Franchise, a well-travelled speaker, radio personality, and the first African-American woman to compete in the final four of the NBC hit reality TV series, The Apprentice, with President Donald Trump. She is the author of Footprints in the Boardroom and has served as spokesperson of the national Make-A-Wish Foundation’s “Destination Joy” campaign. She is also an active supporter of various non-profit organizations throughout her community, the founder of the young professionals group at her church, and served as a mentor for young girls in middle and high school. 

Roxanne joins me today to share why she pivoted her successful career as an appellate attorney to follow her passion and become an event planner and skincare influencer. She shares what it was like working as a television and radio personality, the challenges she faced throughout her career pivots, and how her religious beliefs and spirituality helped keep her grounded while pivoting her career. She also explains why taking time away from work to relax and unwind is critical to your overall health and wellbeing. 

“Sometimes we don’t realize that it’s okay to have fun with what you are doing in your 9 to 5. In fact – you should be having fun!” – Roxanne Wilson 

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business: 

  • What it was like as a contestant on The Apprentice
  • Challenges she faced while pivoting her career. 
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to make mistakes
  • What inspired her to write her book. 
  • How her spirituality kept her grounded during difficult and stressful moments. 
  • Why she decided to become an event planner and skincare influencer. 
  • The challenges she faced while balancing her career and relationships. 

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This week’s Permission to Pause:  

Finding moments to take respite is important.

Thank you to our guest expert, Roxanne Wilson. 

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