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How to Set Yourself Up for Success


I’ve recently started to dive into my busy season, which is exciting and at the same time, it took some mindfulness to set myself up for success in these next few months.

I’d love to tell you that this wisdom comes naturally, but that’s far from being the case. There have been too many times in my life when my calendar has wiped out my well-being in a tsunami of to-do’s and I’m still in the process of learning how to navigate a big job, being present for my family, taking care of myself, being a good friend, and maintaining any semblance of sanity. Can you relate? What I’ve learned to be true is that it doesn’t happen by accident.

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So here are some of the things that I do to set myself up for success:

1. Set boundaries for myself – I’ve become very vigilant about what I say “yes” to and what I don’t. While I really hate to say no to anyone, I’ve learned that if I don’t I can’t fulfill the commitments I’ve already made with my best and that’s not fair to anyone.

2. Look ahead with intention – As I look at the events on my calendar, I work to bring mindfulness of what actions can I take in advance to have the impact I want to make. If I have an event a month out, I know that I need to set aside time weeks in advance to think through the needs of the people I will be serving so I have time to do whatever research and preparation will be required to meet those needs.

3. I prioritize my health – This is the whole “put your own air mask on first” thing. If I can’t be healthy and whole I will have nothing to give, so I make sure I figure out where and how I will fit in my exercise in advance and think about how I will get access to healthy food. Nothing like waiting to the last minute and grabbing fast food on the go to hijack my results!

4. I ritualize as much as I can – With so much on my plate, I can’t afford to leave things to chance so I put rituals in place wherever I can so I don’t have to think about so many things. From the time I wake up, to my writing, to how I engage on social media, I ritualize almost everything so I’m free to focus the rest of my attention on the creative tasks that lay in wait.

5. I stay connected to my #SuperObjective – When things get busy, it’s easy to forget why it all matters in the first place. But if I can enter every situation with a reminder of the impact I want to have and why I care, I automatically feel more energized and connected. I can’t help but bring a better me. For when we’re putting our purpose into action, obligation is replaced by agency.

These are just some of the strategies I’m using to set myself up for success in the coming months. You can’t go the distance if you haven’t warmed up! What strategies do you use to bring your best self ?#BraveLeadership #SuperObjective

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