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Swim Together or Sink Alone


Swim Together or Sink Alone

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” —Mattie Stepanek

Gone are the days of the lone hero; great things are now achieved through the combined efforts of a group of individuals working together to reach a goal. The diversity and combined strength of collaboration infinitely expands our capabilities. We either learn to swim together or we will be left to sink alone.

No one knows it all

The power of a group comes from the combined knowledge and experiences of its members. No one person has all the answers; no one person even knows all the questions to ask. When we put our heads together we become greater than the sum of our individual abilities.

No one can do it all

Sometimes success takes brute force. No one person has the time and energy to do it all themselves. When we can divide tasks among teammates whom we trust and respect, we can conquer the tallest mountain and swim the greatest sea.

Success takes diversity

In a world where ideas are commodities and change direction as fast as a gust of wind, diversity is essential. If we all think the same we can only achieve one outcome. Success takes diversity of thought, diversity of experiences, and diversity of personality.

Swim Together

It is a vast ocean out there. In order to succeed we must learn to put our heads together because no one person can know it all. We must stand shoulder to shoulder and work together because no one person can do it all. We must embrace our differences and use our diversity to reach higher. So the question is, are you going to swim together or are you going to sink alone?

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