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Ten Ways to Stand Out at Work


Ten Ways to Stand Out at Work

New to your job? Seeking a promotion? Needing to be noticed? It is important for people to feel satisfied at work, where so much of life is spent.

But sometimes, it takes a little extra effort to find the recognition you desire at work. Adopting the following 10 habits will help you to stand out at work, and experience greater fulfillment and job security as you do:

1. Look the part

Physical appearance matters. It is important to dress the part of the professional that you want to be recognized as. Take some extra time in grooming and selecting and ironing clothing that command the respect and recognition that you are seeking.

2. Show support for the company

Take time to consider what you like and even love about your company, and make a conscious effort to focus on those elements as you face your work day. No matter what, never badmouth your employer. Not only will it breed negativity within you, but you never know who will repeat what you have said. Rather, be a cheerleader for your company.

3. Immerse yourself in the culture

Companies have a culture in and of themselves. Become a part of it. Attend company events, play on company teams, and show your enthusiasm as you do so. You will quickly begin to stand out as a team-player who is committed to the company.

4. Consistently offer help

Look for ways that you can help – even if it means making someone else look better. Volunteer for the committees and responsibilities that others may not want to do. Again, you will be recognized as someone who cares about the company, its employees, and its overall output.

5. Care about your coworkers

Get to know your coworkers. Find out who matters to them. Ask them about their family members – by name. It will show that you care and that you are not simply showing up to receive a paycheck, but that you want to be part of the company and its people.

6. Do more than your job requires

Avoid simply checking off what is required of you before checking out for the day. Develop a habit of looking for small ways to contribute above and beyond what is asked of you in your job description. Don’t wait to be asked; just do it. Your company and co-workers will be impressed, and over time, they’ll notice your extra contribution.

7. Offer solutions

Be solution-driven. If you or other coworkers identify problems, be somebody who develops and voices solutions, especially in company meetings. You will find personal gratification as you contribute to the betterment of your coworkers, your company, and its clients, and you’ll stand out for it.

8. Model enthusiasm

Enthusiasm can be infectious. Showing that you are happy – even excited – about the work that you do will make people want to work with you and interact with you. You will likely be trusted with more because of your attitude.

9. Work harder

Look around your place of work. How many people are working as hard as they can to make the company better? Often, not many are doing so. If you really want to stand out, put in the time and effort to make your place of work and its clients better. There is value in hard work, and you will be valued for it.

10. Show gratitude for your job

Being employed makes you an individual who gets to contribute to society. Because of your job, you are able to take a paycheck, make a living, and help the economy. No job is perfect, and work is, well… work. But work is also a gift. Treat it as such. Your attitude will infect how you approach the workday and others will be grateful for you.

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