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The Best of Intentions Are Great, but …


The Best of Intentions Are Great, but …

Intentions are things you “plan” to do. From time-to-time each of us set intentions to do certain things or to accomplish specific goals. In many cases, your actions, if you take any at all, fall woefully short of your desired outcome.

Just intending on doing something very rarely gets it done. Some get so caught up in the intention that it distorts their reality to the point where they believe that they are taking action. Yet, all they are doing is talking about it and allowing the opportunity to slip away.

Becoming a better or great leader comes from recognizing the need to develop new habits that bring about the needed change in your behaviors and performance. However, as we all know, change process is very uncomfortable and at times difficult. I like to describe this process as the would-be leaders ability to embrace the change and become comfortable being uncomfortable. In other words, successfully pushing through what is uncomfortable to achieve your desired outcome.

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